Commercial ventilation & heat recovery

Lynx AC are the preferred specialists for the East Midlands in providing commercial ventilation and heat recovery solutions. We only use premium, quality brands – our high standards mean you’ll get the best service and the highest quality ventilation and heat recovery solution for your business requirements.

Our ventilation services include:
• Fresh air & re-circulated ventilation systems
• Ventilation extraction systems
• Heat recovery systems

Benefits of ventilation & heat recovery installation
Over time buildings have become more airtight due to a steadfast focus on conserving energy costs; however, this can cause stale air to persist and lead to Sick Building Syndrome, in addition it can also create many health issues for employees, such as irritations, allergic symptoms, even lung cancer. Poor air quality can also have a major impact on employee productivity, from spreading illnesses around the workplace and decreases in cognitive function performance.

Both mechanical ventilation and heat recovery systems have a positive effect on air quality within commercial and industrial buildings – both introduce fresh air to improve the environment within buildings. Ventilation extraction can remove fumes, particles, or excess heat from the environment – this is ideal for industrial, or hard working environments such as factories, gyms, and WC blocks.

Heat recovery systems allows fresh air into a building as efficiently as possible by utilising the energy elements already present within the building. Stale air is extracted and the energy within it is passed over, via a heat exchanger, to the fresh air being drawn in from the outside. So, if the building has warm air within it, this is used to ‘temper’ the relatively cool air from outside before it enters the building.

Similarly, if the building has cool air inside (due to an air conditioning system) then the cool energy is used to reduce the temperature of the relatively warm air from outside.

The result is that 80% of energy, that would have been otherwise discharged into the atmosphere, is reused. Making this process a highly efficient way of providing regular air changes within a building.

Providing the best ventilation solutions
No matter your business’ requirements, Lynx AC has over 45 years’ experience in designing and installing the most effective ventilation solution for your building, at a cost-effective price, that will provide your employees with a healthy indoor environment that is also energy efficient.

Market-leading ventilation products
As a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Quality Partner, Lynx AC supplies and installs the Mitsubishi Lossnay System, which has perfected the recovery of waste energy.

Next steps
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