Why Lynx AC uses Mitsubishi Electric HVAC products

Mitsubishi Electric is a world-leading supplier of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) products, who have spent decades of dedicated research that allow them to create advanced products that offer complete design flexibility to provide the perfect internal environment for every building type.

Mitsubishi Electric is committed to quality and innovation as well as choice and value, which is why Lynx AC have been installing Mitsubishi Electric high quality products for over 45 years. We are one of only approximately 100 air conditioning contractors in the UK to attain the Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Quality Partnership (DQP) status and are proud to be able to offer our customers the best in market 7 year warranties for our Mitsubishi Electric products!

Key advantages of choosing Mitsubishi Electric
Choosing Mitsubishi Electric has many key advantages:

1. Greater flexibility and choice: Mitsubishi Electric are the ideal choice for HVAC solutions, offering a wide choice of high-tech solutions meaning we’ll be able to find you the best solution for your requirements.

2. Budget saving: Naturally, we all want to get the best price and with Mitsubishi Electric you’re able to save money in several ways. These systems offer a high degree of reliability over the full lifecycle, need little maintenance, and are extremely energy efficient – meaning you save money on operating and running costs.

3. Versatile systems: Mitsubishi Electric Heat Recovery systems are well known for their versatility, with options to heat and cool different areas in buildings at the same time, helping to better control and balance the use of energy around your building.

4. Fast and simple installation: It’s important that disruption to your business is minimised, and with Mitsubishi Electric, installations are incredibly quick, meaning downtime is minimised and your business can take advantage of improved climate control quicker.

5. Greener solutions: Mitsubishi Electric is a market-leader when it comes to designing HVAC systems for energy-efficiency, meaning that you can take advantage from reducing your building’s carbon footprint and lower energy costs from the outset.

Take advantage of all that Mitsubishi Electric has to offer
If you would like Lynx AC to design and install your Mitsubishi Electric heating, ventilation, or air conditioning solution so that you have an energy-efficient building or home, simply call us on 01522 788799 to find out how we can help you.

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