Why Lynx AC uses Daikin HVAC products

Daikin HVAC products have been at the forefront of the industry for many years and are renowned for their technological advances within the industry and produce the very best products, with a comprehensive product portfolio.

To uphold the reputation of their quality, Daikin introduced the Daikin D1+ Premium Partner scheme for installation companies that uphold high standards of installation and expertise – Lynx AC is proud to announce it is a Daikin D1+ Premium Partner. This should give you peace of mind that we are fully trained to the highest level and have the facilities to install your system to the very best standards. Due to this status, we are proud to be able to offer our customers the best in market 7 year warranties for our Daikin products!

Key advantages of choosing Daikin products
Choosing Daikin has many key advantages:

1. Number 1 manufacturer: Daikin sell more air conditioning units than any other supplier in the UK. It’s Daikin’s advanced technology, consistent quality and reliable performance that keeps them ahead.
2. Economical to run: Operating costs typically decrease by a significant amount when you switch to a Daikin system. 7 year warranties coupled with extended life cycles, compared to other products on the market, increase the value while lowering costs.
3. Fast and simple installation: It’s important that disruption to your business is minimised, and with Daikin system installations are incredibly quick, meaning downtime is minimised and your business can take advantage of improved climate control quicker.
4. Environmentally friendly: Daikin products are engineered to operate with a minimal amount of energy waste. Products like this decrease your carbon footprint, help preserve the natural environment and limit global warming.

Take advantage of all that Daikin has to offer
If you would like Lynx AC to design and install your Daikin heating, ventilation, or air conditioning solution so that you have an energy-efficient building or home, simply call us on 01522 788799 to find out how we can help you.

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