How A Heat Recovery Systems Works

A heat recovery system can be installed in the home or virtually any commercial application and used alone or in conjunction with an air conditioning system. It’s purpose is to provide ventilation as efficiently as possible by utilising the energy elements already present within the building.

Stale air is extracted and the energy within it is passed over, via a heat exchanger, to the fresh air being drawn in from the outside. So if the building has warm air within it, this is used to ‘temper’ the relatively cool air from outside before it enters the building.

Similarly  if the building has cool air inside (due to an air conditioning system) then the cool energy is used to reduce the temperature of the relatively warm air from outside.

The result is that 80% of energy, that would have been otherwise discharged into the atmosphere, is reused. Making this process a highly efficient way of providing regular air changes within a building.

These air changes create a fresh and comfortable environment, increasing productivity. Stale air can cause Sick Building Syndrome. 

As a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Quality Partner, Lynx AC supplies and installs the ‘Mitsubishi Lossnay System’ which has perfected the recovery of waste energy.

Lossnay Heat Recovery System