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Powerful business case for indoor air quality

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Indoor air quality has been a key focus for our blogs this year. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought it sharply into the spotlight highlighting the need to improve it. Below is a summary of those blogs: February 2021: Indoor air quality – the striking impact – What indoor air quality is, its impact on health […]

Indoor Air Quality in Schools – Let our children breathe

School air quality

Update – September 2021 According to the BBC, six education unions have written to England’s education secretary, warning of a steep rise in Covid and “long Covid” when pupils return to classes. These unions include the National Education Union (NEU), NASUWT, Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL), National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT), GMB, […]

Returning to work post lockdown – practical guidance for ventilation to improve indoor air quality

Whilst many of us are biting at the bit to get back to normality post lockdown, business owners and managers are faced with a dilemma – how best to safely and effectively bring employees back to the workplace through the right indoor ventilation. Some businesses have reported they will continue offering remote working after experiencing […]

The benefits of air conditioning in your home

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You may have your dream home but find when it comes to the summer months, it’s somewhat hot and sticky! An air conditioning system (or AC or air con) can be one of the best assets you could equip your home with.  Air conditioning can provide house occupants with the comfort needed as the mercury […]

Indoor air quality – the striking impact

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Indoor air quality has quickly become a hot topic, previously overlooked for many years, with the Covid-19 pandemic catapulting it into the headlines by highlighting the ease of transmissions whilst working together in offices, factories and other work buildings. This importance is also highlighted by the Government’s slogan of ‘Hands / Face / Space / […]