The benefits of air conditioning in your home

Front room with air conditoning and man is cool and happy

You may have your dream home but find when it comes to the summer months, it’s somewhat hot and sticky! An air conditioning system (or AC or air con) can be one of the best assets you could equip your home with. 

Air conditioning can provide house occupants with the comfort needed as the mercury increases year on year due to climate change. You can also opt for air conditioning if you want to dehumidify rooms, or heat rooms. Air conditioning can also provide many health benefits to keep those close to you safe and healthy.  

We’ve highlighted the top 7 benefits of installing air conditioning in your home: 

Reduce health risks

Extreme temperatures can damage your health – from circulation problems to dehydration to heat stroke. There are around 2,000 deaths in the UK each year related to warm weather, but the Environmental Audit Committee claims this will rise by 257% to 7,000 if adoptions aren’t made. Having air conditioning in your home can combat these problems and protect your family by controlling the temperature and humidity in your rooms and house to help its residents stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Improved air quality

One thing air conditioning does well is to clean your air using its filtration system. Air conditioning in your home can filter out pollen and dust, and thus create a safe environment for allergy sufferers in your household. Air conditioning can even help you prevent flies and insects from entering your home. 

Temperature control

We all know the weather isn’t that reliable in the UK, from extreme heat waves one day to freezing cold temperatures the next. Many people aren’t aware that air conditioning isn’t just for hot weather, it can also heat your home in the colder months. An efficient air conditioning system is the ideal climate control solution – great for heating and cooling your home and maintaining a comfortable temperature all year round, both in the daytime but also to help you sleep well at night. 

Protecting your home and contents

Air conditioning can help you look after your electronics and furniture too. Electrical technology in the home can get damaged from overheating, and furniture can rot and experience mould growth. Air conditioning can control and protect your home furnishings by controlling the climate and removing humidity from the air.

Increased security 

Without air conditioning the only way to keep your home cool as you need is to leave doors and windows open but doing this can leave your home vulnerable to intruders. Or can invalidate your insurance should you forget to lock windows or doors. Efficient air conditioning takes away the need to open your windows and doors.

Reduced noise 

Many people are concerned that air conditioning will create noise but in fact air conditioning units manufactured today use modern technology that make them the quietest they’ve ever been, with many have quiet or silent modes. It also means you don’t need windows open that may let in traffic and other outside noise pollutions. 

Potential to increase house value

Demand for domestic air conditioning has grown due to climate change, health factors and demands for working from home. So being able to purchase a home that already has air conditioning installed is an attractive solution for many. Quite often the increase in value is likely to cover the cost of the installation and maybe even more! 

What types of air conditioning system should you go for?

Indoor air conditioning units are available in various configurations:

  • The “high wall unit” is mounted on the wall and is about the size of a couple of shoe boxes;
  • “Low wall units” are like a modern storage heater;
  • “Ceiling cassettes” can be mounted in the ceiling in a central area of the room;
  • More discreet “slim-ducted units” can be positioned in the ceiling or housed in grilled boxes above cupboards or near doors, as is common practice in many hotels;
  • The “ducted units” can also direct the air to more than one outlet through a number of ducts. 

Modern units nowadays are sleek so you don’t need to be worried about the aesthetics of your home when they’re installed. We would always advise the best type of unit for your requirements to ensure it is of good quality and cost effective for you. 

Why use Lynx AC for your home air conditioning installation?

Lynx AC have over 45 years’ experience of designing and installing domestic air conditioning solutions. We are a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Quality Partner and a Daikin D1+ Premium Partner – this means you can enjoy high quality products and benefit from market leading 7 year warranties. Our high standards mean you’ll get the best service and the highest quality air conditioning solution for your home. 

Whether you’re looking to get air conditioning for a single room within a house eg a gym, conservatory, office, bedroom, lounge, or for multiple rooms, or for out houses like summer houses or log cabins, we can fit them all.   

Simply get in touch with us on 01522 788799 to discuss your requirements and for a free no-obligation quote. The next step would be for one of our, professionally qualified, team members to visit you and your home and recommend an air conditioning solution that suits your needs.